Appliance repair

Appliance repair

Appliance repair needed in Amsterdam? We will fix your washing machine, dishwasher, dryer or refrigerator.Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is appliance-repair-amsterdam-300x200.jpg

If your washing machine needs repair and you are not completely sure what to do next, Don’t panic! We are here to help you. On this page we will display detailed information in order to help you resolve the trouble why your dishwasher won’t culvert or agitate your clothes.

Appliance repair: Washing machine repair

We have also prepared a checklist of symptoms, as how usually they appear in the washing machines.  Click on the symptoms your device is encountered with, to be able to analyse the component that can fix the trouble of your washing machine.

Prevalent damaged washing machine/dishwasher symptoms.

Acquire information on how analyse and resolve a loud washer by the type of the sound it makes, the clatter of a motor pump, to the screech of a belt or shabby tub stances.


Identify the rational for your leaking washing machine, from a shabby pump and door stamps, to an unsuccessful water entry tube.

Not Starting
Discover how to repair a washing machine which is not starting, by screening a few elements, such as timers, door lock transitions, electronic controls and thermic fuses.

Timer is not progressing
Identify the reason why your washer’s timer is not progressing by solving the problematic parts, for example the lid switch, drain pump, timer control and monitoring of the water standard.

Not agitating
Determine the reason your washing machine will not agitate, by screening components such as the agitator control, coupler channels, drive and belt and communication systems.

Pumps but doesn’t spin
Become knowledgeable on how to fix a washing machine which is not spinning by trying out the direct drive motor conjugation, the door lock and the wax motor.

Shakes and moves
Discover how to identify and fix a washing machine that shakes and moves, by screening shock shields, tub inhibited straps and controlling legs.

Will not fill the water
Identify the reason why your washing machine is not filling in water by acquiring information on how to test and enter the hose, lid transition and a water entrance valve.

Will not stop filling with water
Identify the prevalent reasons why your washing machine won’t stop filling in the water, such as the water entry valve, water standard of compression transition and the air dome tube.

Burning smell
Identify the common reasons of a burning smell coming from your washing machine by learning which components can arise the smell, from drive belts to motor pulleys.

Lid or door not opening
Is your washing machine’s door or lid not willing to open, check for the component, which could be damaged, such as the lid hinge or safety pin.

No hot or cold water
Check out how to fix a washing machine that is not filling with hot or cold water by identifying the prevalent troubles, such as  temperature control buttons or entry hose.

Fills and drains at the same time
Get information on how to repair a washing machine that is filling and draining all at once, by screening the common component which may cause the trouble, such as the water standard and pressure transitions.
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